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Meet our Chief Instructor, Craig.  Craig has over 8 years of Driving Instructional experience after a 25 year career in the UK Royal Air Force.  Due to his international experience with the military, he understands how to make the lesson understandable for the non-English speaker.  He has a very high test pass rate, well above the WA average of around 40%. 


Sharon is our female instructor.  She also boasts an above average pass rate (lots of competition between the two!) for the practical assessment and is well versed in meeting the needs of all students

Both of our instructors are here to help you become a safe, confident and relaxed driver.

 Get On The Road!
  • “Sharon was a wonderful instructor.  She is calm, relaxed and very chatty.  This really helped me to relax, enjoy my lessons and pass my test first time!  Thanks Sharon.

Katie M.


  • “Craig is a top instructor.  He seems to know every little road rule and is very good at helping me to learn to drive.  I am looking forward to my PDA in the near future.

Mitchell L.



  • “Craig is very good at making things clear for the non-English speaker, due to his experience with the military.  Highly recommended'                                                Wai H.



  • "Thank you Craig, I passed my PDA and HPT and am now driving confidently on my own"

Tayla D.




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